Black Friday LIST

After thanks have been given and turkey has been eaten, there’s another longstanding American tradition of overconsumption: Black Friday!  Yes, even our favorite heroes and villains can’t resist huge savings.  Here’s what they’ll be standing in line all night to pick up.

  • Batman – 70% off batarangs when you buy 12 cases (144 batarangs per

    case) at Costco

  • Grapnel Hut – trade in your grappling hook and get 300 ft of wire for $1!!!

  • Herbie Popnecker – In line for 6hrs Thanksgiving night to be the first to hit the sale on the rare cinnamon pops at Wal-Mart

  • The Joker – 3 for 1 squirting flowers and joy buzzers at The Jester’s Palace

  • Nick Fury – Saved an amazing 80% on eye-patches and cigars from the Patches and Smokes Boutique. He’s now stocked up through 2013.

    Lex Luthor is standing in line for 14 hours to save $20 on this brand new 2012 Bentley.

  • Captain Marvel – 70% off Bosco when you buy a case

  • Penguin – Got 2 free cases of umbrella ammo when he purchased 4 or more umbrella guns.

  • Mr. Freeze – 60% off HVAC equipment when you buy two polar bears for your lair.

  • Captain Britain – is British.  Doesn’t know WTF a “Black Friday” is.


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