This Week’s Comics

An interesting batch of books this week, and a healthy mix. Here’s this week’s noteworthy titles.


  • COMP ALAN MOORE FUTURE SHOCKS TP – Interested in Alan Moore’s as-yet uncollected 2000AD work?  If you’re like me, you’ve got Halo Jones and DR and Quinch, but aren’t quite willing to track down the short, random pieces of Moore’s work.  And now you don’t have to.
  • FF #12 – Even though I’ve been finding some issues of FF here and there, this has been the biggest misstep of my pull list experiment. I haven’t had the chance to read any of it since #1 is so hard to find.  And yet, based on Hickman’s Fantastic Four, I have no regrets. I’ll fill in those holes eventually.
  • HERC #10
  • SPACEMAN #2 (OF 9) – Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s return to Vertigo.  Though I could probably cheat and call this a Vertigo title, I’m going to throw this on the pull list and do it right.
  • WOLVERINE #19 – I’ve read the first arc and a half of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine title, and it’s been stellar.  However, I’ve been a bit behind due to missing a couple issues here and there. Fortunately for me, Friend of the Blog Andrew put issues 17 and 18 in my hands and insisted I read them.  And I’m SO glad he did.  When I reviewed Aaron’s Wolvie mini “Manifest Destiny” a few months ago, I loved it but was a bit disappointed that Logan as the ruler of Chinatown would be one of those plots that would wind up just forgotten to the ages.  And yet here we are 3 years later and Aaron is picking it back up again.  It’s everything you could wish for and more, and features Ken Hale, the Agents of Atlas’ Gorilla Man.  And if that isn’t enough to get you to pick up this book, I don’t know what possibly could.  Highest recommendation!

Due to the holiday I haven’t dived into last week’s books yet, but expect more reviews next week.  Other than that my running pull list has been updated.  What looks good to you?


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