This Week’s Comics

It’s Monday again, which means it’s time to whittle down Diamond’s lengthy list of new releases to a more manageable size.  Here are this week’s noteworthy books.


  • ATOMIC ROBO GHOST OF STATION X #4 (OF 6) – There’s a lot more serious action in the most recent mini-series, and while I miss some of the levity, it’s still an excellent read.  Pick of the week!
  • AVENGERS X-SANCTION #1 (OF 4) – Because you’ve GOT to have a quarterly event, Cable hunts down the Avengers.  Sure, why not?
  • GODZILLA LEGENDS #2 (OF 5) – I spoke of my mixed feelings for number one, and I’m nervous for the second issue, but it’s earned another shot.
  • NIGHTLY NEWS ANNIVERSARY ED HC – I’ve only recently read Jonathan Hickman’s first mini-series, and I LOVED it!  This hardcover has a ton of supplemental material, and right now Thwipster has it for 45% off. Score!
  • PIGS #4
  • RED WING TP – More from Mr. Hickman, but I’d honestly give this one a pass.

And that’s it for this week.  I’m off to dive back into Aquaman annual #5, where he gets turned into an orangutan.  My pull list is updated, and I’m kind of excited to get back into the weekly comics game. Expect conclusions soon.  What’s looking good to you this week?

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