This Week’s Comics

What a great week for new comics!  Two Hulk books, two Jason Aaron books, two Jeff Parker books, and a new  Kupperman!  Marvel and DC sure are working hard to get me back when my embargo ends, that’s for sure.  Here’s this week’s noteworthy titles.

  • AVENGERS #20 – One of the title’s I’m furthest behind on, due to some hard-to-find early issues.  This is one I wouldn’t have added to the list if not for the experiment, but is a good case study.
  • DAREDEVIL #7 I’ve finally been able to find a few DD back issues, but man, has it been tough!
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #10 – Issue 9 was JUST good enough to have me come back, but like Green Lantern back in the day, it’s on notice.
  • HULK #46
  • INCREDIBLE HULK #3 – Jason Aaron.  Nuff said.
  • TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #7 – Two issues of TDtT and the Autobiography of Mark Twain, all in one year?  It’s a Kupperman renaissance!  Pick of the week!
  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ONGOING #5 – IDW is having an unfortunate run of books that start strong and go nowhere.  TMNT isn’t as bad as Godzilla, but the end of the last issue, ostensibly the end of the first arc, felt like such a tacked on afterthought that it ruined the book for me.  In the middle of all the action…suddenly it was all over.  Poorly played.  I’m still on-board for a little while, but I’ll be casting a suspicious eye on this one.
  • VENOM #11

My new comic reading from last week has been somewhat abbreviated, as I spent most of my comic reading time plowing through the Ann Nocenti/John Romita, Jr. Daredevil run.  I did read the second issue of Godzilla Legends, though, and despite an amazing cover the inside was a complete waste of time. You would think based just off the title, Godzilla Legends would feature stories showing what qualifies these characters as legends, but instead we just get a generic story about a dumb kid and his dad, and Rodan happens to show up.  Vankin and Gane aren’t the same creative team as last issue, but they were IDW’s last chance to win me over.

That cover, though…wow.  I spoke some last month about Art Adams’ _________ cover, how the roaming eye and the unhinged jaw made him look completely insane, to the point where I felt like Samuel L. Jackson explaining the asymmetry of villains in Unbreakable.  This month Adams does the normal cover, leaving Chris Skalf to paint Rodan like a deranged Skeksis.  This is the most insane cover I’ve seen this month, and I love it!  While I may come back for more glimpses of madness, I will not buy buying any more Godzilla Legends.

That’s it for this week, my running pull list has been updated.  What looks good to you?


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