This Week’s Comics

A new year, a new batch of comics, but at least they’re still shipping on time!  (That’s tomorrow, kids.)  Expect more mainstream titles to appear now that my experiment is over, but I’m still putting a halt to $4 books not released by independent publishers.  Marvel and DC should know better. That out of the way, here are this week’s new and noteworth titles.

  • AVENGERS X-SANCTION #2 (OF 4) – The event sucker in me is all over this even as the fiscally responsible side doesn’t care.  This is one I won’t pick up this week but will wait until I can find cheaper.
  • GODZILLA LEGENDS #3 (OF 5) – I’ve spoken somewhat in depth about this title, and how it’s essentially horrible but still finds certain redeeming qualities.  Still, I’m over it unless there’s an absolutely insane cover.
  • GOON #37
  • HULK #47 – Hello, Jeff Parker!
  • PUNISHER #7 – I should be caught up on Rucka’s Punisher very soon, and I’m looking forward to continuing the run in real time.  I never thought I would say that about a non-Ennis Punisher.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #168 – See also HULK #47.
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #19.1 – I’m about 8 issues behind on UXF, but these .1 issues are supposed to be good jumping-on points for titles, right?  In I jump, and it will determine whether or not I stay on the…trampoline?  What a weird metaphor.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?


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