2012 Resolutions

As December inevitably rolls over into January, we start thinking about ways in which we can improve our lives in the next year.  For this week’s LIST we present New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.
  • Dr. Doom – stop crushing on RICHARDS!!! and CRUSH RICHARDS!!!

  • Ben Grimm – cut down to 12,000 calories a day

  • Wolverine – try some manscaping…it’s time

    Bacon's resolution? "Try me on cereal or ice cream!"

  • Mole Man – sign up for JDate

  • Aunt May – try at least 10 different positions from the kama sutra.

  • Nick Fury – Drink more Ovaltine

  • Captain America – call fewer people “son.”

  • Billy Batson – learn acceptable slang to replace “golly,” “gosh,” and “gee-whiz.”… and touch a boobie.

  • Bruce Wayne – spend less money on gadgets

  • Ulysses S. Archer – drive a load to each of the capitals of the United States of America

  • Barry Allen – push Geoff Johns down a flight of stairs, have John Geoffs kill his mother

  • Batman – run a marathon without a bomb hoisted above my head

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