Secret Weaknesses

Superman has kryptonite. Martian Manhunter has fire. Green Lantern has yellow. There are weaknesses we’ve known for decades, and let’s face it, villains do too. However, with the New 52 DC’s heroes have used a bit of strategy and traded up. For this week’s LIST we present New Weaknesses in the DCU.

  • Martian Manhunter – Kittens

  • Wildcat – mint leaves

  • Booster Gold – Kryptonite

  • Wonder Woman – cigarette smoke

  • Superman – Cheesecake

  • Flash/ Barry Allen – character development (BA-ZINGA!)

  • Captain Marvel, Jr. – Orange Lazarus

  • Aquaman – if you put a blanket over him, he thinks it’s night and goes to sleep

  • Michael Holt – pet dander

  • Jack Hawksmoor – Forced to leave the room any time you mention “Skull and Bones”

  • Jack Knight – bakelite


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