This Week’s Comics

A light batch this time around.  Here’s this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • FANTASTIC FOUR #602 and FF #14 – I confess I don’t know why Marvel decided to release these both on the same day rather than spacing them throughout the month, but I’m getting them both, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #11 – And the monsters keep on rollin’.
  • SECRET AVENGERS #21.1 – I’m caught up through 17 and looking forward to seeing how Rick Remender takes over.  

Last week Prophet #21 led the new Extreme relaunch, surprising just about everybody, myself included.  I recently re-read (if you can call it that) a few older issues and even with the reliable Chuck Dixon scripting I found them fairly incomprehensible and Stephen Platt’s — which I remember being impressed with at the time — had not aged well at all.  
The conventional wisdom is that this is a European-style book, and while I can’t vouch for that description, it is unlike anything else on the stands right now.  The book allow for absolutely no knowledge of what’s come before, and yet contains many of the Liefeldian tropes you’d expect, like giant knives and orbiting space station acronyms.  The art is highly detailed, yet easy to read and follow.  Earth teems with fauna unlike anything I’ve seen represented in a comic before, a nice sign as to the creativity of the creators.  The plot, though a little on the complex side, is definitely easier to follow than the original series.  

Prophet #21 is currently sold out, but should you find a copy, snag it.  And let it lure you into sampling more of the Extreme 2012 relaunch.  Glory, especially, looks to be a winner, and we’ll finally get the rest of Alan Moore’s Supreme scripts with Erik Larsen providing the art.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

Secret Weaknesses

Superman has kryptonite. Martian Manhunter has fire. Green Lantern has yellow. There are weaknesses we’ve known for decades, and let’s face it, villains do too. However, with the New 52 DC’s heroes have used a bit of strategy and traded up. For this week’s LIST we present New Weaknesses in the DCU.

  • Martian Manhunter – Kittens

  • Wildcat – mint leaves

  • Booster Gold – Kryptonite

  • Wonder Woman – cigarette smoke

  • Superman – Cheesecake

  • Flash/ Barry Allen – character development (BA-ZINGA!)

  • Captain Marvel, Jr. – Orange Lazarus

  • Aquaman – if you put a blanket over him, he thinks it’s night and goes to sleep

  • Michael Holt – pet dander

  • Jack Hawksmoor – Forced to leave the room any time you mention “Skull and Bones”

  • Jack Knight – bakelite


And Now For Something Completely Different

Hi folks,

A bit of administrivia today. You may have heard/read/seen/carrier pigeoned about a couple of bills in front of Congress right now, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).  We don’t talk politics here, namely because this is a comic book blog and we prefer to focus on things of importance.  However, these Acts  threaten to drastically change the way the Internet works by allowing content creators an unprecedented amount of authority over what can live online.  Seeing as how what we do (and would like to continue doing) is comment on media, and feel First Amendment rights and Fair Use are still of importance in our society, I feel it’s essential to speak out against anything that would prevent that.

Tomorrow, January 18th, many major Internet sites (such as Wikipedia, Reddit, and WordPress) will be blacking out their sites to protest SOPA and show what the Internet could look like without them.

While we are nowhere near the juggernaut these sites are, I’d like to show support, so tomorrow we’re going to black out our page as well.  We’ll be back Thursday, but please check out for more details.




This Week’s Comics

Another week, another strange half-dozen assorted comics.  There’s this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

Not your daddy's Prophet comic!

  • PROPHET #21 – The Rob’s Extreme relaunch begins here!  When comicdom’s best writers like Warren Ellis and Rick Remender praise Liefeld’s comics, you KNOW they’re going to be something special.  Prophet looks to be the best of them, as John Prophet’s story picks up years after the original Stephen Platt series and promises a more more European-style book.  I don’t know how much it’ll appeal to me, really, but I’ve GOT to check out such a drastic revamp.
  • STEED AND MRS PEEL #1 (OF 6) – This one is new to me, but it looks like a new Grant Morrison series, so I’m in.
  • SUPERIOR #7 (OF 7) – I picked up the first handful of issues before last year’s experiment and I’m astounded to see it hadn’t wrapped up yet.  And it looks like I hadn’t missed it that much.  
  • VENOM #12 
  • VOLTRON #2 – The Voltron relaunch wasn’t especially good.  Give it a miss unless your love of the big guy won’t let you do otherwise.

If your area is anything like mine, Fatale #1 got a lot of press and sold out quickly.  And with good reason.  Brubaker and Phillips’ latest is essentially a Hellblazer noir title, and the mystery is pretty intriguing.  While the seemingly-endless run of new mysteries is unquestionably producing more misses than hits, this isn’t one of them.  These guys have a great, established track record and I’ll be picking this one up for a while.

That’s it for this week.  What’s looking good to you?