A Nice Place to Visit

Famous cities — even fictional ones — have a government, infrastructure, and oftentimes a SLOGAN. Something that embraces the idea of the community and concentrates it into a digestible chunk, preferably for putting onto a flag. For this week’s LIST we somewhat-proudly present City Slogans and Mottoes.

  • Smallville – The Roswell of Kansas!

  • Welcome to Westchester County. Hope you survive the experience!

  • Opal City – Enjoy your stay since hipsters don’t ask for money.

  • St. Roch – Our men don’t wear shirts, either!

    Gotham City: We Mugged the Sun. What are you gonna do about it?

  • Kandor – Come for the night-life. Stay…because that rat-bastard, Superman, can’t figure out how to free us.

  • Star City – Not one of those Jewish stars.

  • Fawcett City – Our cheese is big and red. Just like your mama.

  • Central City – Hey! We’ve got a Flash too.

  • Rann – What happens in the Zeta Beam, stays in in the Zeta Beam.

  • Bizarro Metropolis – Go Away!

  • Blue Area of the Moon – Come watch us now!

  • Doomstadt – DOOM welcomes you to submit.

  • Coast City – Fuck You, Hal Jordan.


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