This Week’s Comics

Man, there’s only one book for me out this week! I can’t remember the last time that happened.

  • VENOM #13.1 – I don’t understand what’s going on here at all. Venom #13 just shipped with a new story (the New New Fantastic Four) a couple weeks ago, and now here comes a “new jumping-on point”? Marvel, time to all get on the same page!

I suppose it’s good that this is a light week, as I’ve completed a few important runs this week. I’m now current (on finding, not reading…yet) Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts. Every single issue is just a joy to read. I’ve also been trying to figure out who Kev Walker’s Juggernaut reminds me of, and it’s Marv from Sin City. I’ve also found all of the issues of Flashpoint, the end of my DC’s incarnation. The most expensive issue was #1, at $3.25. I hadn’t really been looking forward to it, but I imagine it will be a bittersweet read as it signifies my drifting away from DC.

Sorry for such a light report, but the books are what the books are. What’s looking good to you this week? It’s the perfect chance for me to jump in on something new.

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