This Week’s Comics

I’m a little grumpy about this week’s comics, but that may just be the fault of last week’s comics.  Here are THIS week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • ATOMIC ROBO GHOST OF STATION X #5 (OF 5) – Well okay, THIS gets things off to a good start: the conclusion of the 6th volume of Atomic Robo!
  • FANTASTIC FOUR #603 – I’m one issue away from being able to get caught up on both Fantastic Four and FF, but unfortunately that issue is #587, the death of Johnny Storm, which is both rare and pricey at this point.
  • PROPHET #22 – I was VERY impressed with the Prophet relaunch and will be keeping up with it for a while.  It’s not really in the vein of what I normally pick up, but it’s interesting and very readable (unlike the original Prophet run, which I couldn’t wade through) so this comes highly recommended.
  • SECRET AVENGERS #23 – $4?  Yeah, no.  I’m sure I’ll snag it eventually, but not for 4 bucks and not based on the .1 issue that just came out.
  • VENOM #13.3 – Just what in the world is going on here???  Point 3?  No Remender?  This is messed up, Marvel.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Adventure Time cartoon writing here, that honor goes to Matt, but I do enjoy it a great deal and check it out somewhat regularly.  Therefore when Boom! ??? announced they were doing a new Adventure Time series written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, I was in. I’ve got to say, it’s pretty great.  It opens with a really
interesting sequence that reveals how the cartoon’s opening sequence was created, in a way that allows for the uninitiated to understand while providomg more depth if you get the reference.  There’s all sorts of easter eggs in this book, including light blue notes in the gutters that are JUST legible enough to read…if you see them.

The main story’s art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb is drawn in the Adventure Time house style, but Aaron Renier’s backup tells a story in his own painted style instead, and it’s a nice touch that we get to see other artistic interpretations of the characters. Boom! and all the creators involved really knocked themselves out with this one, and it’s well worth picking up if you’re a fan of hijinks, high adventure, and high…fist-bumps.

I feel like I’m the only one excited by Rob Liefeld’s Extreme relaunch, but I’m genuinely enjoying it.  Prophet #21 was excellent, and Glory #23 continues the streak of success.  The Rob obviously knows to set up his talent and then get out of the way, as the characters are established and yet feel all-new.  Or in Glory’s case, 500 years old.  Credit artist Ross Campbell with that, as he manages to make Glory look young and childlike yet world-weary and battle-damaged, all at the same time.  The artwork really is an amazing strength.  Writer Joe Keatinge manages to incorporate a healthy amount of intrigue (and provides answers to key questions in the first issue!  What an concept!) while working in enough humor and action to keep things moving.  In fact, the only knock I can think of is that it feels a bit too much like Promethea in places.  As much as I enjoyed Prophet, I loved this book.  It’s been selling briskly, but if you find a copy on the shelf, grab it. 



Do. Not. Buy.

Bloodstrike and Youngblood will round out the relaunch in the next few months, and while they’re the titles I’m least looking forward to, the strength of the first half are going to force me to give them a chance.

The less said about Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #12 the better. With the story mostly wrapped up in issue 11, IDW felt it was appropriate to charge $4 for shots of wreckage and a few wrap-up captions.  This is the biggest waste of money I may have ever spent on a comic, and IDW should never have put it out.

Ranting complete, that’s it for me this week.  What looks good to you?


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