This Week’s Comics

I’m not picking up too many books this time around, unfortunately.  Here’s this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • FF #15
  • PIGS #6
  • STEED AND MRS PEEL #2 (OF 6) – This really reads like an 80’s title, and it’s definitely before Grant Morrison found his voice.  It’s okay, but without any attachment to the original Avengers TV series this one isn’t wowing me.
  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES MICRO SERIES #3 DONATELLO – These solo issues have been surprisingly strong.  If you’ve been enjoying the main TMNT series, this will do you even better.
  • VENOM #13.4 – I still don’t know what Marvel’s doing here, but Jeff Parker’s got some issues in now, so that’s a plus.

Speaking of Jeff Parker, we may have to revise our “Jeff Parker Can’t Lose” tag somewhat.  I’ve had the “opportunity” to catch up on a ton of backissues on runs I’ve recently completed.  Thunderbolts started to lose me with the recent time-travel arc.  The WWII story was solid, but the Whitechapel murder arc left me pretty disaffected.  I think the issue has something to do with the increased frequency it’s coming out, so the move is to push to progress the story without focusing on the character nuance that exemplifies the best of Parker’s books.  Similarly, though I haven’t gotten completely current on Hulk, it started off strong as Red Hulk battled the miggest and best of Marvel’s classic giant monsters.  Parker is clearly drawing parallels between Banner’s battle with the military and Ross’s, but instead of having Red Hulk learn and grow from those interactions, they just bounce off and he bounds to the next thing to punch.  

A Jeff Parker book is still better than 80% of the other books on the stands, but I’ll be keeping a cautious eye on them as I evaluate my pull list.  That’s it for me for this week!  What looks good to you?

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