Tomorrow’s Comics

Alright, it’s Monday, so that means…Ah, yes.  Sorry for the delay, but this week’s This Week’s Comics was pushed back due to some travel plans.  Let’s look at this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • FATALE #3 – Truly, I’ve been enjoying Fatale, but I just can’t keep track of what’s going on from month to month.  Jess Nevins’ detailed notes in the backmatter are good, but not enough to keep me reading the monthly.  From here on out I move to the trade.  See you in 4 months, Brubaker and Philips!
  • HONEY BADGER ADVENTURES #1 – I’m not sure if this is about the creature or the football player, but either way, if I can find it I’ll pick it up.  Because both are awesome.


  • HULK #49 – Much like with Thunderbolts, the increasing frequency is leading to diminishing returns.  I may not be on-board too much longer.
  • MANHATTAN PROJECTS #1 – New Jonathan Hickman creator-owned!  Huzzah!
  • VENOM #14 – Wow, finally a non-point issue!  And potentially the place to hop off so I can get caught up, then decide to continue.

A brief week, but that’s it.  What looks good to you?


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