Did you know…a LIST

At this point Wolverine appears somewhere within every issue of every title that Marvel publishes. You’d think there would be no secrets left for faithful or inquisitive readers to uncover. Yet we here at LEMUR have found several that might surprise and astound you. To wit, we present: Little Known Wolverine Factoids.

Wolverine’s shoe size is a 4.

Wolverine is on Team Edward stating,"He's just so sparkly!"

Children in Canada leave their leather belts by the fireplace on the 19th of November in hopes that Ol’ Canucklehead (Papa Canuck in Quebec) will use them to sharpen his claws. Thus pleased, tradition states that Ol’ Canucklehead leaves either smokes, donuts, bacon, or brews behind for those deserving children.

Encyclopedia Brown solved the mystery of Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton.

Wolverine is so tolerant of Spider-Man because he feels guilty for once feeling-up Aunt May.

Wolverine sleeps in footie pajamas when he’s alone in bed.

Wolverine thinks he’s Edith Head.

Go-Gurt: Wolverine’s favorite on-the-go after-school snack.

Wolverine is the only X-Man who needs a booster seat in the Blackbird.

Wolverine is pretty sure they come in the night and steal things from his room.

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