The Man Cave of Steel: A LIST

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude as often been described as a haven where the man of steel can cut loose and be himself. Most iterations feature an exotic zoo, a laboratory, and a trophy room. In recent years the arctic sanctuary received a face lift and expansion thanks to tesseract technology. How is the Metropolis Marvel filling all of that new space?

Marvel a the world's longest junk drawer!


A 5,000 seat arena for illegal polar bear fights.

Two turntables and a microphone, so DJ Big S can work out his fat beats

A 1:1 scale representation of the Fortress of Solitude.

17,000 head of cattle and a replica of the Rio Grande

Fizzy Lifting Drink

Spare capes.  Curiously, no spare outer-briefs.

Only the odd-numbered Star Trek movies

A refrigerator with a jar of capers and a half jar of green olives.

A room full of instruments that Clark has started to learn to play, but never picked up after the third lesson… it’s a pretty big room.

Dick Cheney's old heart is now kept in the FoS.

A Grammartorium

Every issue of Cat Fancy since 1962

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