This Week’s Comics

For some reason, I’m not feeling especially fired up with this week, but there are still solid comics coming out this Wednesday.  Here’s this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  •  FANTASTIC FOUR #605 – Last month’s issue was $3.99 and now this month’s* is back to $2.99.  Does anyone know what the difference is?Was the last issue double-sized?  Is marvel just assuming (probably correctly) that nobody looks at cover prices?
  • GLORY #25 – I’m seriously digging this book, and unlike many Image titles, the mystery isn’t unfolding, the story is.  A nice change of pace.
  • SAGA #2 – Brian K. Vaughn’s new series spent the first couple pages making me think it was a rehash of Preacher before turning into a really interesting sci-fi story.  I’m digging it a lot, as Vaughn fills the pages with new ideas.  I’ll probably pick up the first arc as floppies before going to TPB’s, though.  I suspect it will read better that way.
  • SAUCER COUNTRY #2 – Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country is a strange mix, taking the best parts of West wing and building a comic around it.  In this case, it’s a female, hispanic governor running for president. The catch?  She’s been abducted by aliens multiple times.  It’s an intriguing concept, but will have to speed up to keep me.  Like Saga, I’ll stick around for the first arc, then probably move to TPB’s or move on.

News also came out today that DC is launching a new title called National Comics, a series of done-in-one stories flushing out the new DCU by telling stories of lesser DC characters.  This is a great idea, but also admits to the flaw of launching a new universe today.  With the current model more or less requiring 6-issue story arcs for collections, it could take decades for the new world to fill out.  When DC launched it’s post-Crisis reboot, done-in-one stories were still a big part of comics, so each month a new character could be introduced or rounded out.  This meant in a year you got about 12 stories per title, so it was fairly easy to get a sense of the DCU pretty quickly.  Now, with six-issue arcs the norm it will take SIX TIMES AS LONG to get to the same place.  It’s a ridiculous way to universe-build, and we need only look at Crossgen as proof.  DC would never have been able to pull this off without characters we’re already attached to.

In other news I also took the time to get a good look at DC’s cover dress this weekend, and man, is it dull!  It looks like it was put together by comic-designing robots.

I can’t help but feel it’s cruel (and repetitive) to keep dumping on DC at every turn, but I get the vibe that DC has turned into a cynical trend-machine and can’t I keep it in check all the time.  That’s it for me this week, what looks good to you?


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