Rejected Costume Ideas

Some heroes (we’re looking at YOU, Batman,) need a costume for every occasion under the sun.  When you’re a ninja dressed like a bat, that’s just how you have to roll .  Then other times they’re just unnecessary, like Daredevil’s Knife Suit, or Azrael-Batman’s Knife Suit, or…well, just about anybody’s Knife Suit.  For this week’s LIST we present Failed Costume Attempts.

  • Superman’s Kryptonite Cape

  • Aquaman’s royal robes sewn together from the hides of 42 baby pandas.

  • Spider-Man’s pouches for Aunt May’s heart medicine and defibrillators

  • Optimus Prime’s pale pink Mary Kay Cosmetics alt. Mode

  • Daredevil’s Tron Suit

    — he can’t see it but everyone else in the world can

  • Wonder Woman’s victorian bathing costume

  • Aquaman’s diving bell

  • Catwoman’s 50-lb sack of Fancy Feast

  • Cyclops’s holiday bi-focals (1/2 red, 1/2 green ruby quartz)

  • Dr. Strange’s psychodellic karate gi

  • Robin’s brief switch to a banana hammock

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