This Week’s Comics

Two days ’til Wednesday!  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • INCREDIBLE HULK #7 – The end of the Banner vs Hulk storyline arrives. I finally snagged the Incredible Hulk issues I was missing for my pull list and was underwhelmed.  It just didn’t speak to me and reminded me too much of the early Red Hulk issues.  I thought it was too good to be true that Jason Aaron and Jeff Parker were both writing Hulk titles and it is; I’m not really enjoying either of them anymore.
  • PROPHET #24 – The second arc of the relaunched Prophet title starts here!
  • PUNISHER #10 – I’m somewhat ambivalent about Rucka’s Punisher — it’s good but I’m not really interested in pursuing it any further (that’s the fault of the character, not Rucka).  But the tie-in to Daredevil and Spider-Man means I’m on board for this month.  Show me what you got, kids!
  • ROCKETEER ADVENTURES 2 #2 (OF 4) – I missed the first issue of this, somehow!  The new Rocketeer anthology is Good Comics, and even in those rare instances where a story doesn’t hit me the right way there’s another in a couple more pages.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #173 – I was really, REALLY looking forward to this Thunderbolts vs Thunderbolts arc and it’s solid, but not quite what I had hoped.  The Underbolts team isn’t really where my interest lies, and even though they’re pairing up the Sofens and Fixers, I’d rather see more pair-offs.  Man, it’s nice to see Citizen V again, though. What a great character!  He’s the only one of the originals that really bummed me out to be a villain.

Secret #1 is a new Jonathan Hickman title I forgot to mention last week, mainly because I completely forgot it was coming out.  It’s pretty solid, though having too many characters that resemble each other meant I was somewhat confused for most of the issue and I couldn’t tell if that was deficient storytelling or the crux of the mystery.  There are bad men doing bad things and a security company pushing it’s services; hopefully it will lead someplace interesting. I’ve got to say, though, that cover is AWFUL.  Noticing Hickman’s name got me to buy it, but if I had just seen those teeth on the stand I never would have looked twice.  Sure it makes sense when you read the story, but REALLY.

You can’t say that Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, the creators behind America’s Got Powers, don’t give you a lot of comic for your $2.99. Unfortunately, despite the high page count there’s not a lot of story.  Maybe the premise itself just isn’t for me: super-powered kids compete for a spot on the world’s premiere super-team, a la Hunger Games.  But reality TV satire has no appeal for me and the spontaneous eruption of super-powers felt played out in the 90’s when Ultraverse and  Milestone (and probably many others) tried to take that shortcut.  So really the only thing left for me is Bryan Hitch’s amazing art.  And it IS great, as always, just not enough to make me go back for issue #2.

So that’s it for this week.  Our last poll is now closed, so next week because you demanded it, our list will be Superheroes That Are Also Urban Dictionary Entries.  What looks good to you?


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