Today’s Comics

Due to some traveling, this week’s This Week’s Comics is late, but I almost needn’t have bothered with as little is coming out.

  • ATOMIC ROBO TP VOL 06 GHOST OF STATION X – I picked up the individual issues, but this was a really fun series, and issue 2 starts out with a punch in the stomach I’ve only experienced a handful of times in mycomic-reading. Highly recommended.
  • TICK #100 TICK MEETS INVINCIBLE – I haven’t read The Tick since the series started relaunching in the late 90’s, but this promises to be an all-out extravaganza that may get me back on-board. I’m looking forward to meeting back up with the big blue bug.

So, unfortunately it’s a light week, but that will give me a chance to catch up on and report back on this year’s FCBD offerings. What looks good to you this week?

2 comments on “Today’s Comics

  1. Oh, How I DO Miss The TICK.
    Nice To Know It’s Making A Resurgence!

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