Free Comic Book Day Rarities

Free Comic Book Day is one of the greatest comic-reading days of the year, but it’s not just

Looking for IDW’s Hostess Artist’s Edition? Get there early!

the free comics.  Sometimes publishers take the opportunity to introduce a new character, kick off a huge event (like this year’s Age of Ultron), or experiment with something new.  It’s always these experimental books that are the hardest to find. For this week’s LIST we present Rare Free Comic Book Day Issues.

  • Archie Presents: Moose and Reggie –

    The jock and the stomach get their own title at last!  But the real draw for this book was the rediscovery of the lost 1948 character Mr. Winklefarthing.

  • Geoff Johns’ The Darkening (Fanfic press, 2004)

  • Things We Found Digging in Alan Moore’s Rubbish Bin (Avatar)

  • The Liefeld Podiatric Sketchbook (Image)

  • Spider-Man: Night of the Lepus #0

  • The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, A Gentleman # 0.5 of 50 –

    Dynamite Entertainment continues their unrelenting acquisition of public domain properties with this graphic novel translation of the most incomprehensible novel in the English language. Written and drawn by Tony Daniel with inks by Wade von Grawbadger.

  • Ben Grimm’s Man vs Food (2005)

  • Blinded by Scientology! The L. Ron Hubbard Story  (Bluewater Comics) –

    This marks the first in a series of bio-comics exploring the lives of famous figures in Scientology.

  • Cerebus, the one-volume edition –

    All 300 issues of the indie comic, in one free volume!

  • Portraits of Famous Beards (Arctic Press)

  • Bone: Year One –

    a fresh new take on a stale old classic!

  • The Cathy Sampler (IDW) –

    ahead of the release of Cathy vol. 1 (Nov. 1976 – April 1977), IDW presents The Cathy Sampler revisiting everyone’s favorite shopa-choco-holic. This 40 pg. sampler includes the controversial arc where-in Cathy ate pot laced brownies, ACK!


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