This Week’s Comics

After a couple painfully light weeks, it’s nice to have a hefty stack of comics to pick up this week.  Surprisingly, there are a good number of Image titles.  Marvel and DC, you’re on notice: Image is the publisher to beat right now.

  • ADVENTURE TIME #4 – I think I missed #3 somewhere along the line, but it continues to be a solid, fun read.
  • DAREDEVIL #13 – Another book where I think I missed the last issue.  I obviously need to make some additions to my pull list so I stop spacing out when I go to my LCS.
  • GLORY #26 – After all’s said and done, Glory is the best book of the Image relaunch.  It’s not too dense (Prophet), doesn’t rely too much on back continuity (Bloodstrike), and isn’t a complete kick in the teeth (Supreme).  It’s just a fun, straightforward read.
  • MANHATTAN PROJECTS #3 – And since we’re discussing the best of things, I find this to be Jonathan Hickman’s best (creator-owned) title right now.  Science Madness at it’s weirdest!
  • SAGA #3
  • SAUCER COUNTRY #3 – It’s perhaps a little too obvious to call Saucer Country an X-Files/West Wing mash-up, but it’s an apt description.  It dives into the sci-fi of the aliens and the politics of a presidential campaign.  So far it’s doing both extremely well.

So, Supreme #64.  Now that Alan Moore’s scripts have run out, it’s Erik Larsen’s turn to move the story forward.  (SPOILERS ahead!)  In a text piece at the back he talks about taking over after some epic runs during his time at Marvel, and how he feels it’s a cheat to start from scratch or ignore what’s come earlier.  Therefore, he decided to use Moore’s story as a jumping off point for his own stint on the book.  So far so good, and I completely agree with him on all those points.  Too often these days, a new creative team means a new direction and focus because the incoming team has their own ideas.  But my issue with this is that Larsen kicks off his tenure by putting an end to everything Alan Moore built.  Sure, this is comics, and a new writer wouldn’t have to work very hard to re-establish Mouse Supreme or Lion Supreme, but it wasn’t to my taste, so off the pull list it goes.

That’s enough ranting for this week.  What looks good to you?


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