Yggdrasil and the Nine Norse Worlds

When Stan Lee came up with the idea for a Thor superhero with Jack Kirby he had a decision to make: invent a new superhero from whole cloth or take the best bits from the original Norse myths.  One of these concepts were the 9 worlds, each with different inhabitants. The gods lived in Asgard, humans in Midgard, the dead in Hel, giants in Jotunheim, so on and so forth.  We’ve recently discovered some documentation that Stan almost invented his own nine worlds for the Thor comic from scratch, and we are pleased to present them for this week’s LIST.

  • ALFheim –

    home of alien life form Gordon Schumway

  • Care-a-lotheim –

    home of mythical ursine wielders of mighty emoticons.

  • Sniffleheim –

    None of these pasty, weak kids are sick per se, but they could definitely use a kleenex.

  • Intellectualpropertygard –

    whose population of peaceful poets had to be continually on alert against the graphite mining trolls who would steal their ideas and take full credit.

  • Miamidgard –

    The home of relaxation, repose, shuffleboards for those Asgardians who have hung up their armor in exchange for a white belt and white shoes.

  • Asgard-2 –

    An Asgard where the Golden Age gods who fought in World War II reside.

  • Joiseyheim –

    Lee and Kirby originally proposed this as their equivalent to Norse Hel. Populated by orange and tan demons to torment the wicked in the afterlife.

  • Snaezgyard –

    The healthiest people in the Nine Realms because of their well protected buffet tables and salad bars. Mortal enemies of Sniffleheim.

  • Hammerteim –

    ohoh oh ohhhh oh, oh oh ohohhhhh, oh ohh ohh. Stop!



2 comments on “Yggdrasil and the Nine Norse Worlds

  1. Matt says:

    The woman in the hat and ALF are the same color… that ain’t right.

  2. Dadman says:


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