Hey Kids, What Time Is it?!?!?!

…Time to review some comics!

I’m noticing a significant amount of IDW titles producing diminishing returns.  They start out great, but drift off directionless and never really fulfill their potential.  And so it is with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10, the most recent issue.  The beginning is great but there never seem to be story arcs with a conclusion, so every issue becomes the middle.  That’s how life works, but it doesn’t make for a gripping story.  Yes, the concept is good.  Yes, Tom Waltz’s writing writing is solid enough (the art by Dan Duncan is fine, but not exceptional).  But without defined story arcs it feels like we’re just adrift.  The recent Micro-series — where each turtle gets his own single-issue spotlight — was much better in comparison because there was a definite beginning, middle, and end.  The dramatic arc is a pretty big deal; we always seem to be stuck in rising action, and without the climax, falling action, and denouement you can’t have closure.

Speaking of IDW, despite the rage-inducing Kingdom of Monsters #12, I gave them another shot with their new “ongoing” Godzilla series.  I shouldn’t have, it’s identical to KoM.  Every monster suddenly starts attacking and only one elite ass-kicker charged to look over a little girl looks like he’ll be able to survive the assault.  No thanks, IDW, you printed that one already.

Which brings us to Youngblood 71, the last title of The Rob’s Extreme Relaunch.  Much like Bloodstrike, it picks up where the last title (an ongoing series that lasted 9 issues) left off, with a few missing characters (Badrock) and a new Shaft.  And of all the things I expected from a Youngblood title, what I didn’t expect was for it to be funny.  Sure, the Honey Badger gag would have been better had it not been explained, but it’s a good shot.  And everyone in the team referring to the naive n00b as Not-Shaft is a nice touch that rings true for a team dynamic.  Vogue was a comic book cliche of the girl on the team, but I get the feeling that was the point.  I think this is going to be the most accessible of the relaunches.  And while it may end suddenly (Youngblood volume 4), with the way the relaunch has been going I don’t expect it to fade into oblivion after an issue or two like volume 3, Imperial, Bloodsport, or Genesis (whew!).


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