This Week’s Comics

Despite scrambling with a late-arriving list from Diamond, I finally got this week’s This Week’s Comics put together.  And don’t forget, comics ARE coming out Wednesday, despite it being a holiday.  Diamond has been really good about not having holiday delays lately, and I feel like we haven’t given them the credit for that.  At any rate, here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • HE MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 – James Robinson writing He-Man is such a weird combination that, if I didn’t have a DC ban in place, I’d have no choice to check it out.  And yet the news has been Geoff Johns (who has nothing to do with the series!) creating a new character.  Sheesh.
  • HULK #55
  • MIND MGMT #2 – After hearing so many positive things about #1, I’ll give it a shot.  Well, assuming I can also dig up a #1.
  • MUPPETS #1 – New Roger Langridge Muppet stories are here!  Well, technically they’re older than the Boom! series, but I’ve never seen them, so new to me counts.
  • SHOWCASE PRESENTS SHOWCASE TP VOL 01 – I think I may have just fallen into the nexus of the universe.

Matt and I were both excited to see Chris Roberson’s announcement of Monkeybrain Inc, his new webcomic venture with ComiXology.  Roberson, the pen behind iZombie, Elric, Starborn, and the man who made sense of JMS’s disastrous Grounded arc, is a talent to keep your eyes on.  Unceremoniously dumped by DC after publicly expressing commonsense opinions about Before Watchmen, rather than fading into the scenery and never being heard of again he’s focusing on creator-owned work and now this new venture.  I’d be happy to follow him regardless, but after seeing the other creators he has lined up, including Colleen Coover, Curt Franklin, Chris Haley, Joe Keatinge, Chris Sims, Paul Tobin, and Bill Willingham.  I mean, damn!  That’s just a no-brainer.

God go with you, Chris Roberson, and you thirty-two comic creators. God’s not done with any of you, yet.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

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