Today’s Comics

Oh, Diamond…The reason I write this on Monday is because that’s when I have time to write!  When you post the new releases on Tuesday, that just messes everything up!  The good news, though?  Holy cats, there’s a ton of good comics coming out this week!  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy title.

  • ADVENTURE TIME MARCELINE SCREAM QUEENS #1 – I don’t know about this one. I lovelovelove the main Adventure Time title, but I’m not a huge Marcelline fan so I’m not as interested in her spin-off.  If it’s as good as the main book, though, it’ll be a winner.
  • ATOMIC ROBO REAL SCIENCE ADV #4 – <grumble> My LCS still hasn’t gotten issue #3 yet <grumble>
  • CHEW SECRET AGENT POYO #1 – So this is a Chew spin-off about a rooster, right?  Because that sounds AMAZING!
  • CROW #1 – Another book about a bird!  I’ve got to give ’em a chance, The Crow is a pretty solid character that has been let down by some bad writing.
  • DARK AVENGERS #177 – Issue 176 was back to the Jeff Parker Thunderbolts I’ve come to know and love, as Man-Thing returns and we get back to business as expected.
  • FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #33 – I don’t know what’s more impressive, that Marvel’s putting out an annual or they’re continuing with the original numbering.  Well played, Marvel!
  • HOAX HUNTERS #1 – I liked the Zero issue except for the art, so with a new artist I have high hopes.
  • PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 – Sean Murphy’s preview art looks great and he’s earned the chance to show what he’s got writing.
  • TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ONE 100 PG SPECTACULAR – Not sure what issues will be in here, but 100 pages for $8 works for me. 
  • YOUNGBLOOD #72 – Who’da thunk that Youngblood would have been such a highlight of The Rob’s Extreme relaunch?  It makes sense, since that’s the book that launched Image, but we’ve been let down before.  Worth a look, if you’re interested in the concept and want to give it a shot.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

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