Starring Jerry Mathers as The Wolverine

We’re living in a Golden Age of comic book movies, but it wasn’t always so. And for every great idea, like Timothy Dalton as Iron Man, there were two HORRIBLE ideas, like Nic Cage as Superman or Orson Welles as Batman.  For this week’s LIST we happily present The Worst Superhero Actors You Never Had To See.

  • Redd Foxx as Black Panther

  • Jim Nabors as Captain Marvel

  • Charles Nelson Riley as Lex Luthor

  • George Foreman as the Incredible Hulk

You almost got a fantastic Four movie featuring (L to R): Jack Elam as Mr. Fantastic, Rue McClanahan as the Invisible Woman, Gary Coleman as the Human Torch, and Rip Taylor as the Thing


  • Michael Landon as Hal Jordan

  • Yul Brynner as Silver Surfer

  • Bea Arthur’s Wonder Woman

  • Burt Reynolds as Superman

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