Kaiju Konfidential!

What GYMNASTIC TERRAPIN was caught sneaking out of a YOUNG BOY’s bedroom???

Who is the ZERO BEAST who can NEVER FIND THREE HATS in the right size???

Which THUNDER LIZARD used experimental gene therapy to GROW OUT HIS

Which LITTLE ARMORED ONE was spotted rooting AGAINST JAPAN in the
Olympic soccer matches, even as HE WAS THE BALL???

What TERRORDACTYL is filing his lawsuit against DINOBOT SWOOP for

Jonah Hex — Secrets!

Mah horse’s name is Bullet. After yer mama.


Yew wanna know how I got th’ scars? Th’ real story is at davidicke.com.


If that sumbitch Chris Claremont tries to dialogue me again ah’ll
murder every Guthrie from Kentucky to Westchester County.


Ah really did mount Mr. Gatling’s gun to mah horse but it didn’t shoot bullets, it shot syphilis.


The hat was from mah mama, who won it off Col. J.E.B. Stuart in a card game.


The Adventures of Sgt. Shark!

Matt and I are both big, BIG lovers of comic ads.  I mean, if you can’t appreciate the sheer lunacy of those classic Hostess ads where Big Time Hero defeats Never-Again-Seen Villain by exploiting their fried pie weakness the we are just not on the same page!.  Not to mention all those O.J. Dingo ads!

But I recently decided to give in and read The Great Darkness Saga, and I found this masterpiece in Legion of Superheroes #291:

That’s right, it’s a story about a regular rough-and-tumble dude JUST LIKE YOU (and his one-eyed parrot, of course,) who uses his bro-tastic shark tooth pendant to PUNCH A SHARK AND REDIRECT A SUBMARINE!

Friends, my $5.95 is already on it’s way to Florida.

This Week’s Comics

You know what I’m going to say about these books already, so I can keep the commentary to a minimum, but here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • Axe Cop: President of the World #2
  • FF #21
  • Goon #41

Even though it’s a light week, Image did us a huge favor by releasing an INSANE amount of comics for free on their ComiXology app!  Recent and critically-acclaimed titles like Fatale, Thief of Thieves, Prophet, Secret, America’s Got Powers…If you’ve been waiting on a sign from God to check out their line-up, it doesn’t get more direct than this.

That’s it for this week, what looks good to you?

Hulk: Season One

Hulk: Season One
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Tom Fowler

Pre-Conceived Notions:  
I have enjoyed things that both Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler have done, but I’m not a Hulk guy. I’m not against Hulk, I just feel that he’s a hard character to do right, especially as the main character. He works best in supporting roles and in small doses (which is why he worked so well in the Avengers movie, and was one of the best parts of Garth Ennis’ Punisher). Throw in that Marvel’s Season One line has been on a downward trajectory since it’s initial launch, and it leaves me wary.


 The book starts with a very brief run down of the Hulks origin. This is nice, because I think we all know the story at this point.  We are then thrown into a crazy 50’s sci-fi epic.  A.I.M. T.H.E.M. shows up as well as some super cool Soviet robots. As you can imagine, that leads to some really cool fight scenes, which Fowler just KILLS. This book has some of the best art I have seen from him. And lets not forget Van Lente. His writing is sharp. He is on his game in the Hulk-verse. My second favorite line is  “Ray gun, huh? My gun shoots ray bullets!” I’ll let you find the best line of the book on your own, and he even works in a great Man-Thing reference!
There is so much going on that this book never feels dull or full of filler. One (of many) plot points is the Hulk trying to rid himself of Banner and it has never been better. The reason he doesn’t want to share a brain with Banner is pretty cool and it explains why Hulk functions on a lower more animalistic level. He’s not dumb, he’s just surviving. By the end, the Hulk’s origin is twisted ever-so-slightly. The radiation didn’t make the Hulk, it just triggered a mutated gene that his body has been suppressing. I haven’t read enough Hulk to know if this has been addressed before, but it should have been. Also, Banner changes under times of emotional distress this is due to something that the Hulk does. This ties Hulk and Banner together more than anything Hulk related that I ever read, and it does it in an organic way that I feel ashamed for everyone who has written these characters before. If Van Lente wasn’t staring at an Ouroboros and watching black and white science fiction movies while writing this, I’d be surprised.

This book is great! I honestly can’t think of anything that I didn’t enjoy. Well, there’s some child abuse stuff in here that almost gets heavy handed, but that’s only if I want to get really nit picky. The inclusion of a digital copy more than makes up for it. This is what Hulk should be: a crazy sci-fi (not alien sci-fi, but actual science sci-fi) adventure with heart to boot.

Aurora Rise

We haven’t discussed the Aurora theater tragedy here, but it was one of those events that was just too raw and literally close-to-home for me to discuss appropriately.  While I have no more clarity or insight now than I did a month, there IS something related to the event that cannot get enough press: All C’s Collectible’s Aurora Rises event this weekend.  All C’s has put together an incredible benefit, assembling a signing with Mike Mignola, Matt Fraction, and Steve Niles on two days, a silent auction featuring original art and much more, and almost certainly more once the event If you’re in the Greater Denver area, PLEASE show your support and drop by to help raise funds for the shooting victims.  For more details,  please check out their Facebook Event or Twitter feed.

This Week’s Comics

There are several noteworthy books this week, but surprisingly few I’m picking up.  Still, let’s dive in to this week’s new releases.

  • INVISIBLES OMNIBUS HC – Grant Morrison’s Invisibles is one of the last great, ambitious titles of modern comics, and even it’s 15 years old now.  Still, it’s nice to see that DC is giving it the prestige treatment it deserves, even if compiling all 59 issues into one volume is going to be as awkward to read as it is hernia-inducing.  Perhaps one volume for each series, DC?
  • JACK KIRBYS FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS TP VOL 03 – I *LOVE* the concept behind the Fourth World Omnibi — Jack Kirby’s Fourth World stories collected chronologically instead of by title — so you really get the experience of reading it as if you were seeing it for the first time as in the 70’s.  Not to mention the high production values of the paper, coloring, and whatnot make it a high-value upgrade if — like me — you only have the individual-title TPB’s.
  • ROCKETEER CARGO OF DOOM #1 – Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, who have been doing incredible work on Daredevil recently, are bringing their considerable talents over to IDW’s Rocketer with this new 4-issue mini.  This is going to be one to watch for, friends.
  • SCALPED #60 – I’ve been following Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera’s Scalped in trades, and though it’s terrible, terrible protagonists make it not a book I’ve really LIKED, it’s a book that’s definitely been consistently and quietly GREAT month in and month out.  And if that seems like a contradiction then you just haven’t started in on Dash’s story yet.  This week’s is the last issue.
  • YOUNGBLOOD #73 – (Intentionally) funnier than you’d think a Rob book would be, with art by Jon Malin that mimics The Rob’s strengths without falling prey to becoming a stereotype (see also: Marat Mychaels, Dan Fraga), it’s a solid title if you’re in the mood to “Rub the Blood”.*

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

* Just kidding, that’s a Bloodstrike tagline.

Red Robin — Secrets!

I guess my favorite villain was King Snake. They say you never forget your first.


Just in case anyone’s interested, D&D Friday night at Monty’s. BYO Mountain Dew and Cheetos.


You find some crazy shit in The Cave. Like all of Harold’s Jessica Fletcher fanfic.


The Electrocutioner tried to break Steph and I up for a while, so I posted his secret identity on Wikipedia.


The worst thing about the Teen Titans? The enforced sobriety. You really think I’m gonna go punch out The Riddler sober?