Super-Olympic Fever: Catch It!

In the midst of all the current Olympic Fever and athletic fervor, it’s easy to forget that there were a few false starts on some events, and occasionally a few ringers popped in to throw off the results for the less-superpowered competitors.  For this week’s LIST we proudly present Famous Super-Moments in Olympic History.

  • 1908 – James Howlett takes gold in all-around gymnastics.  This leads to the first know use of the phrase “I’m the best there is at what I do, and I what I do is very, very pretty.”

  • 1936 – Foreboding the next decade, Steve Rogers wins the 100M Shield Toss in Berlin.

  • 1940 – Latveria renounces the IOC then boycotts the for the next six Olympic games after the IOC failed to make reparations for cancelling the 1940 games set for Latveria.

  • The Bat’s record in the Car Battery Toss isn’t going to get broken any time soon.

    1972, 1916, 1940, 1896 (in that order) – Rip Hunter and Kang the Conqueror win gold medals in archery, fencing, and high-diving.

  • 1976 – Favorite J’Onn J’Onzz lose the chance to defend his 1972 gold medal in Mental Telepathy when the Winter Games are moved from Denver, Colorado to Innsbruck, Austria and he refuses to leave his home town. In his absence Professor Charles Xavier wins the first of his eventual 10 gold medals.

  • 1980 – Batman founds the Winter Olympics by fighting a Yeti.

  • 1985 – After Bruce Banner was stripped of all 37 of his medals, the IOC added gamma rays to the list of prohibited substances.

  • 1992 – Batroc the Leaper kidnaps the Albertville, France Olympic Village for ransom.

  • 1999 – Batman shocks the interstellar community by announcing his retirement from the Olympic Games of Space.

  • 2006 – Daniel Witwicky wins gold in all snowboarding events not won by Shaun White. Witwicky credits his skills to the many winters spent boarding down Lookout Mountain. Curiously, Witwicky did not participate on the American team, opting to represent Cybertron instead.

  • 2008 – With the re-instatment of Oa into the Olympics of Space (and continuity), Ring-slinging is once again an Olympics of Space level event.

2 comments on “Super-Olympic Fever: Catch It!

  1. no olympic bomb carrying repeat for Batman?

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