This Week’s Comics

Due to the Labor Day holiday the Diamond new releases was put out a day late, but Wednesday is still New Comic Book Day! Here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • ATLAS UNIFIED #0 – After spotting a pretty killer description while doing my previews column, I was convinced Atlas United was the best book nobody had ever heard of. Then I snagged issue 1 from my LCS and I was convinced that Tom Peyer was the victim of identity theft. This is not a good book, and I apologize to anyone I may have misled.
  • FIRST X-MEN #2 – Neal Adams, who I revere as an artist, is turning his attention to the already-fuzzy early-X-Men continuity.  And if Batman: Odyssey is the level of quality we can expect here, there is no way in Hell I’m spending money on this book.
  • MANHATTAN PROJECTS TP VOL 01 SCIENCE BAD – If you haven’t been snagging the individual issues, the first collection is only $15! A steal!
  • MUPPETS #3
  • THIEF OF THIEVES #8 and THIEF OF THIEVES TP VOL 01 – I haven’t had much to say about ToT, mainly because it’s a book that lives in the little details, but it’s a good heist book, and the idea of it as an ongoing series intrigues me greatly.
  • TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ONE #83 – I’ve tried to keep my expectations low for Regen One, but I’ve really, REALLY liked it. It’s well worth buying if you have fond memories of the original Marvel run.

That’s it for this week, what looks good to you?

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