This Week’s Comics

I’ve officially run out of things to say about these light weeks.  With my pull list it’s apparently feast or famine.  Here are this week’s new and noteworthy titles.

  • IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #2 – Even without Mike Allred’s direct involvement the first issue was a lot of fun.  Big, BIG ups to Mike Norton for capturing the light-hearted spirit of an Atomics book while keeping his own distinctive style. 
  • PUNK ROCK JESUS #3 – This book right here?  This book right HERE?  It is INCREDIBLE.  Jump on now so you can tell the kids you read it when it came out.
  • ROCKETEER CARGO OF DOOM #2 – If you a) like Waid and Samnee on Daredevil, b) like The Rocketeer, or c) both, this book is a fun romp, full of secret agents, jet packs, and Americana.

That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

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