This Week’s Comics

It’s a pretty light week this time around, which is probably okay because, in my absence, a huge box of comics arrived that I picked up for Top Shelf’s huge annual sale.  I now have copies of Lost Dogs, Underwater Welder, Wizzywig, and more waiting for me.  And it’ll be a nice change of pace from my usual diet of superheroes and capes.

  • A-BABIES VS X-BABIES #1 – A pox on Marvel Comics. I mean, why in the WORLD does this exist?  Is it cute?  Is there a point?
  • HAWKEYE #3 – I missed out on the first issue of Clint Barton’s new series but Andrew put this in my hands and mocked me mercilessly until I bought it.  Matt (Defenders, Casanova) Fraction and David (I don’t think I’ve read his other work) Aja are putting out a seriously cool comic here.  It serves the character very well, as Fraction writes the kind of levity and street-level heroes he’s so good at, and Aja provides a style that’s sparse but has a wonderful sense of graphic design, which leads to pages with tons of beautiful panels that make it incredibly easy to read.  Marvel NOW! or no, I see myself as being onboard for a while.

Alright, an enormous stack of Jeff Lemire books are calling me to pick them up.  What looks good to you?


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