This Week’s Comics

Each week I eagerly pull up Diamond’s new releases page, and more and more frequently I’m frustrated by how little I’m picking up.  Again, I’m looking for good new titles, particularly for indie presses. Valiant Comics can’t carry me on their own!

  • BRAVEST WARRIORS #1 – A new superhero title by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, it’s probably a GOOD strategic move that it comes out the same week as Adventure Time’s book.  I imagine the target audience is probably a bit less regular in their trips to the comic shop so it’s good cross promotion.
  • FF #23 – Honestly?  At this point I’m so far behind on BOTH Fantastic Four titles I have no idea how to get caught up — that is, in what order to read them to get the whole thing.
  • GHOST #1 – I went ahead and snagged Ghost #0, but it didn’t really grab me so I’m going to let this one go.  It certainly wasn’t an origin — maybe the first part of one — and there was little forward momentum, so that was a wasted opportunity by Dark Horse.

On an unrelated note, this marks my 500th post here at Ye Olde L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog, and it’s been my privilege to serve you every week.  That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?


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