This Week’s Comics

After a few weeks of desperation, truly starting to consider whether my pull list was dwindling away to nothing, I get a nice full week of releases.  Here’s this week’s new and noteworthy titles.
  • ARCHER & ARMSTRONG (NEW) #4 – Out of an admittedly strong line across the board, Fred Van Lente’s lively scripts and Clayton Henry’s detailed linework on Archer and Armstrong is by far my favorite.  So far we’ve had a fun globe-trotting adventure with a healthy dose of comedy and grindhouse-style action.
  • BILLY KIDS ODDITIES & ORM LOCH NESS #2 – A bit more horror than I tend to go in for, this isn’t as much in the same vein as Eric Powell’s work on the Goon, and Kyle Hotz’s work here, already a little hit or miss with me, reminds me a bit too much of Kelley Jones.  I gave it an honest try, but just didn’t enjoy it.
  • BLOODSHOT (ONGOING) #5 – And speaking of Valiant, Bloodshot is a real surprise. A fun read that actually make some sense and utilizes the character and his abilities in interesting ways, rather than just a bunch of buzzwords slapped together.  This book is a real tribute to the talents of Dwayne Swierczynski and Manuel Garcia.

  • OPUS COMPLETE SUNDAY STRIPS FROM 2003-2008 HC – God bless IDW, that’s all I can say.
  • SAGA #7 – Hey, Saga’s back, and just in time for my sanity!
That’s it for this week.  What looks good to you?

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