This Week’s Comics

Does this look fun to you?  DOES IT???

There’s a lot of good stuff out this week, and some of it costs ZERO DOLLARS!  So let’s dive in.
  • CYBER FORCE #2 – First off, this book is FREE as long as your retailer participates, so if you don’t have a good LCS find one that will hook you up. The first issue was a little strange for me, feeling like a long-gone, half-remembered dream. Then I realized it was a retelling — a cover, if you will — of the original CyberForce. And that’s a pretty good idea. The idea and characters had legs, they could just stand to benefit from an experienced writer who can bring a more modern technique and art that’s more than just exciting splash pages. So yeah, this is a book with stellar art by Khoi Pham and Sunny Gho and it’s free.
  • HAUNTED HORROR #2 – I really loved this first issue, a collection of old (probably public domain) pre-Code horror books collected by Craig Yoe under his own imprint for IDW.  They’re weird, eerie, creepy, and many other adjectives used for old magazines, but they also include work by Jack Cole and Jack Kirby and more that most of us have never heard of, much less seen. A great choice for the classic horror comic connosieur.
  • HAWKEYE #5 – The second part of Hawkeye’s first two-parter, “the tape” could just be a MacGuffin, but since we know what’s on it, regardless of what ramifications it holds for Clint Barton, the significance of our UNDERSTANDING of Clint is already deeply affected. If this is Marvel NOW!, bring me MORE.
  • HOUSE OF FUN ONE SHOT – I love Evan Dorkin in a way that may not be entirely healthy. His 90’s work in Dork is one of the pure highlights of that decade for me. He returned to those characters for the relaunched Dark Horse Presents, and those stories (too rich for my blood in that book) are reprinted here.
That’s it for this week. What looks good to you?

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