Previews and Portents, December 2012

Man, I have such a love/hate relationship with Previews.  It brings me the things I love each month, but it also subjects me to the most blindingly insane objects our type of fandom has to offer.  Still, it’s time to roll through 1700 pages of ads to bring you, the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog superfan, a three-month glimpse into the future.

Dark Horse Comics

  • Dark Horse Presents #21 – Among some quite noteworthy comic creators in this issue, Neil Gaiman and Paul Chadwick join forces for “The Day the Saucers Came.”  And that, friends, is worth 8 bucks.

Hi-yo silver!DC Comics

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: A Call to Arms Statue – Because hells yeah.  This looks AWESOME!
  • Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill #1 – I thought the BW concept was just a one-of group of projects, and that was bad enough, but to then go throwing in MORE one-offs helter skelter just shows that DC will keep going to this well as long as it keeps producing milk.  Wait.  That’s a metaphor, right?  Yeah, sure it is.
  • DC Universe by Alan Moore TP – This is a TERRIFIC collection that DC has had the wisdom to kep in print all these years.  Even Moore’s throwaway ideas like for the Green Lantern Corps issues prove to be pretty clever, and a huge jumping-off point for Geoff Johns in recent years.  But what REALLY makes this interesting is that, with the official DC/WildStorm merger, the latest edition now includes Moore’s miniseries for Voodoo and Deathblow.
  • Green Arrow #17 – Jeff Lemire starts a run on the Emerald Archer and I’ve got to say, that’s an amazing draw for the title.
  • Hellblazer #300 – The final issue!  I’ve only been a casual reIt was time to quit anyway.ader of John Constantine’s adventures, but now that he’s skulking around the DCU proper, it doesn’t really seem to be necessary any longer.  And it’s strange, because DC seems to have completely ceded the dark adult creator-owned market to Image these days.  Grant Morrison’s Happy, Andy Diggle and Jock’s Snapshot, Jonathan Hickman’s Manhattan Projects, and many, many more are all perfectly suited for Vertigo and yet they’re all at Image.  And with the most recent news that Karen Berger has stepped down from her role…well, it just feels like the final nail for a storied comic imprint.  Once Fables goes, I suspect the line will go completely.
  • Justice League of America #1 – Finally — FINALLY — DC is proving that it will not be beaten by Marvel in the race to the bottom of Good Taste, by producing FIFTY-TWO covers, one for each state in the union plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.  Oh yeah, Vibe is on the team, too.
  • Justice League of America’s Vibe #1 – Don’t worry, he’s just gonna get kakked again.  I promise.


  • Red Team – Dynamite offers a new series by Garth Ennis, and since it’s not being put out by Avatar, odds are better than average that I’ll be able to read it without projectile vomiting into my mylar bag.  Which is nice.



  • Rocketeer: Holywood Horror #1 – Oh hey, Roger Langridge is writing a Rocketeer book!  IDW is really doing Dave Stevens proud with the level of talent they’ve been booking for this title, and Roger Langridge guarantees the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog seal of approval.  Art by J. Bone means it’ll be super-pretty, too.  Can’t wait for this one!

Image Comics

  • Glory #33 – The penultimate issue, and the first book of the Extreme relaunch to go away, but credit to The Rob, he’s letting it go quietly rather than filling it with a new creative team just to keep the book coming out.
  • Snapshot #1 – Loser geniuses (this is a compliment!) Andy Diggle and Jock re-team for a new 4-issue miniseries.  With that on their resume, they could do just about anything and I’d buy it.

Marvel Comics

  • A+X #5 – With Doop and Iron Fist, it’s like Marvel is putting this out specifically for FotB Andrew.
  • Nova #1 – The cartoonification of the 616 hits, as Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness slap Sam Alexander (from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon) into the Nova Corps helmet.  Which is fine, just not really for me.
  • Red She-Hulk #62 – I only mention this because Jeff Parker has started referring to Betty Banner’s alter-ego as Cinnamon Hulk, which I totally approve of!
  • Uncanny Avengers #5 – It feels like a gimmick, but Rick Remender writing, Olivier Coipel drawing, and THIS great line-up?  I just wish it was only $3.

To me, my Avengers!

Top Shelf

  • Nemo: Heart of Ice HC – I haven’t read anything Wasn't that a Blondie song?from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe in quite some time, but it’s cool they’re still coming out by the original creators rather than being handed off and forgotten.  And the 56 page hardcover is spendy, but an interesting format.  Top Shelf DOES have notoriously high print quality on their books.

Wow, there’s not nearly as much this time around; maybe the indies are biding their time to compete for January dollars? 

Before wrapping up for this month, I’d like to draw your attention to Brian Hibbs’ most recent “Tilting at Windmills” column over at CBR.  The whole thing is worth reading, but if there’s anything worth taking away it’s this, and he says it far better than I have been:

A lot of people think “digital” is going to kill comics. I really don’t — I believe in the physical objects that I sell, and in talking my customers, not a one of them says they’re looking to make a move to digital. No, I think what’s going to “kill comics” is ultimately the quarterly-driven decisions of Warner Bros and Disney that will try to incrementally squeeze more profit until the point that entire thing collapses. Whether it’s $4 bi-weekly comics at one or this type of poisonous lying at the other, the writing is on the wall: they’re going to wring it until it breaks.

That’s it for this month!  Orders must be in to your LCS by December 18, 2012 and are scheduled to arrive in February.

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