A New Project

I’ve done a little shilling for the Denver Comic Con in these pages lately (June 15-17, get your tickets now!), but there’s something else comic-related happening this summer.  Cellar Door, a Denver literary anthology, is releasing an all-comic issue timed to come out around the convention.  Titled (and themed) “Ancient,” you’ll see work by some great and committed Denver-area cartoonists.  If you’re able to track down a copy, you’ll also see a 9-page story titled “What REALLY Happened to the Seven Wonders of the World,” drawn by FotB Andrew with words by me.  It’s a humorous (hopefully!) look at what destroyed mankind’s greatest engineering marvels, and if nothing else it will be amazing to look at. 

There’s also a Kickstarter going on to help defray printing costs, which is worth checking out for a little more backstory on the project and the opportunity to snag a copy once it comes out, potentially for less than cover price.

If you’re even remotely curious what happens when we don’t even attempt to come close to honesty keep your eyes peeled, we’d appreciate your support!

Geeked out Arts and Crafts!

If you’re bored and a fan of Green Lantern, I’ve got a couple of special treats for you.

First up is a link to instructions on how to cast a resin GL ring. It’s a step by step process with a materials list included. There are additional instructions for making a glowing ring! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks user friendly for a beginner like myself. It also seems reasonable to extrapolate this process for the fabrication of other resin items (a Legion Flight Ring?)

What good is a ring without a power battery? Here’s how to make one on the cheap. This one requires less skill and specialized materials. It’s also functional in that it lights up (WARNING lantern will not charge actual or fabricated rings).

Go out there and get crazy with some fun!

Holy DIY, Batman! and That just happened: a 2 for 1 deal!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Jess has long wanted a Batphone à la the Adam West series. The trouble is he didn’t know what model to get.

Wonder no more! Millionaire Playboy walks you through the lighting, sound, and model required. He also explains how and where to get the glass topper.

Happy do-it-yourselfing!

In other news, I’ve go a gem to share from class the other day. This is mostly for Jesse, but feel free to read.

The first ten or 12 minutes of class is always spent reading silently. The kids read whatever they want and we share at the end. Near the end of the time on Thursday, one of my students announced, “Man, I wish I was a communist pig.” Turns out he’s reading Animal Farm. I got a good chuckle out of it.