A very special birthday message

Although an electronic web log, our office in Opal City gets a surprising amount of fan mail via the U.S. Postal Service. Since it’s my day to open and answer mail, I opened a briny smelling envelope addressed to Jesse. In it were birthday wishes all the way from Atlantis! What follows is a scan of the birthday card/ greeting/ autographed picture. I too would like to take this moment to wish Jesse a happy birthday.

Game Tape: FCBD Edition

This year’s Free Comic Book Day was probably the best I’ve had in a couple of years. Everything fell into place: there was cake; there were sales; there were excellent comics. The only down side was that limits were imposed. In ten years, this was the first time I had to carefully select which books to take home. Apparently this isn’t rare; my brother in Boulder, CO, has always had limits. I’m hoping there are some books left Wednesday that I can snag then. I haven’t read all of them yet because I’m mingling these with the books I got from the sales. Here’s what I picked up on Saturday’s holy day of obligation.

The Intrepid Escape Goat was quite clever and fun. Presenting a full story, the book served as a preview for a series that’s starting in June. Imagine Harry Houdini as a goat and a globe-trotting adventurer.  I’m going to read more, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be reading the issues or the trades. This was a flip-book with the companion being Stuff of Legend. I’ve heard good things about this, and I’ve been curious. This sealed the deal. I’m not sure of the timing on this, but it shares some ideas with Grant Morrison’s Joe the Barbarian. At any rate, this was a preview for the third volume.

Jesse and I have long been fans of The Tick, but I don’t think either of us have regularly read the books/ collections since Edlund was writing it… so it’s been a while. This book was a treat for me returning to an old friend. The plot is sufficiently silly with cameos by characters I knew and several I hadn’t heard of. Thankfully, there’s a Who’s Who style supplement in the back.

Speaking of Who’s Who supplements, Image’s promised origin issue of Super Dinosaur was still just okay. Complete with supplement, we get a one-sided origin story told exclusively by the preteen protagonist. I’m betting a plot point later in the series will be the fact that the bad guy isn’t as bad as we are led to believe. I want to like this book. I love the idea of this book: wunderkind with anthropomorphic/ cybernetic T-Rex has adventures and saves the world. It’s just that Kirkman has forgotten how to write a story of all-ages. Invincible was once my favorite book because it could appeal so broadly, and it was well written. Then Kirkman turned every issue into a slasher film. Super Dinosaur sees the pendulum swing away and toward saccharine simplicity. While it’s got elements that could succeed, these first two outings read more like one of DiC’s Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980’s.

I picked up the Mickey Mouse book and Geronimo Stilton/ Smurfs book, but I haven’t read either of them. I’ve heard good things about the Mickey Mouse stuff, and I’m looking forward to Fantagraphic’s collections. Mickey never should have left his surreal roots in favor of a “friendly” dull character. I also grabbed the Atomic Robo book.

I was intrigued by the Adam West book until I saw that it was another abysmal entry in Blue Water’s bio-book series. I regretted reading the Stephanie Meyer book, and I still haven’t forgiven them for their Leprechaun books. So… it’s just as well that I didn’t see a copy. I might have been compelled to burn it or shred it.

Wednesday, I hope to grab the Captain America/ Thor book. I’m still holding fast on not picking up the Green Lantern book, but I may see about getting Slott’s Spider-Man.

That’s what I picked up. What kind of cool things did you guys get?

Unnecessary Remakes From Outer Space

Yesterday Bleeding Cool shared the trailer for Plan 9, a new remake of the Edward D. Wood, Jr classic Plan 9 From Outer Space.

At least they kept the speech by Criswell!

Now we here at the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog are incredibly huge fans of the original, though it seems to me remaking the film is a no-win situation.  If you make a good movie it defeats the point of Plan 9 and you alienate your base, and if you make a bad movie it’s already been done.

Still, if you’re going to make a movie you should do it right.  Here are the 10 things that should absolutely, definitely, 100% be in the remake.

  1. Scenes that cut between night and day
  2. Effeminate aliens
  3. A lead character who keeps his face covered at all times
  4. Elvira, Mistress of the Night as a replacement for Vampira
  5. A space station shaped like a breast
  6. Buffalo (this is from another movie, but still necessary)
  7. Scenes that take place in an airplane
  8. A guy scratching his head with a gun
  9. Macho Man Randy Savage as a replacement for Tor Johnson
  10. Solaranite

What did I miss?  Is there something that no Plan 9 remake should leave out?  Hit us up in the comments section.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program For Some Breaking News

This Week’s Comics will be postponed until tomorrow to bring you an important announcement.

For as long as we’ve been writing the blog I’ve been railing against escalating cover prices and saying how comic values are depreciating to the point at which it’s cheaper to wait two months and pick up issues in discount bins.  Well, I’ve decided to put that theory to the test and as of January 1st I’ve taken all Marvel and DC books* off my pull list, and for 2011 I will be buying them exclusively through back issue boxes or discount bins.

I’ll still be looking at new releases every week, though.  Rather than focusing solely on the comics I’ll be buying I’ll look at anything I have a more-than-passing interest in, then add it to my pull list.  I’ve also set up a new page (formatting still to be finalized) that will track every comic I’m looking for, how long it takes me to find it, and cover price vs what I pay for it.  Hopefully, if all goes as planned, I’ll be picking up more comics (and thereby keeping more current with the Marvel and DC Universes) but also spending much less on them.  Will I succeed? Fail?  Quit after 3 weeks?  Well, we’ll find out together.

Deciding to go through with this ignoble experiment has made me stop and take a look at the books I regularly get in order to give myself a little time to mourn.  Now that Grant Morrison’s Batman has priced itself out of my range, the only thing I think I’ll especially miss at the moment is Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four.  Especially with all the speculation around the end of the “Three” storyline, I predict that issue will be hard to find, highly priced, or (most likely) both. Other than that…there’s not much of a sense of loss yet.

Stay tuned, we’ll see how long this experiment lasts.  This Week’s Comics will be up tomorrow.

*Indies get a pass because of how hard it is to find back issues after they’re released and because they sell a relatively low volume and need the continual support.


I’m not sure how or why, but a big bit of news (for Jesse and I at least) slipped past our notice two weeks ago.

Roger Langridge will be leaving BOOM!’s Muppet Show.

Suffice it to say, this is sad news. Not only does he make the most consistently kickenass comics, Langridge is a really stand-up guy to meet and talk with. Jesse and I both got cool inked sketches from him in San Diego. Also, he’s easily my second favorite vegetarian. To hear that he’s hit some sort of rough patch is troubling.

God’s speed on whatever troubles your world.