Kaiju Konfidential!

What GYMNASTIC TERRAPIN was caught sneaking out of a YOUNG BOY’s bedroom???

Who is the ZERO BEAST who can NEVER FIND THREE HATS in the right size???

Which THUNDER LIZARD used experimental gene therapy to GROW OUT HIS

Which LITTLE ARMORED ONE was spotted rooting AGAINST JAPAN in the
Olympic soccer matches, even as HE WAS THE BALL???

What TERRORDACTYL is filing his lawsuit against DINOBOT SWOOP for

Justice League Confidential

Who is the GREEN MEANIE who tried pulling a slip-and-fall con on a tour at the OREO factory?

Which BIRD OF PREY almost knocked out a SONGBIRD for copyright infringement?

When this PRINCESS OF POWER come's to MAN'S WORLD, she really came to man's world!

Which SPEED DEMON once tripped at MACH 30 and took out a school bus full of kids at the KEYSTONE CITY capitol building?

Which RING SLINGER turned GREEN with envy when a certain rookie got his copy of Cat Fancy through the Intergalactic Space-Mail first?

Superhero Confidential — Final Edition!

Those COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS  and their army of LAWYERS have put a TEMPORARY HALT to the TRUTH!  We will return!  FREE PRESS CANNOT BE STOPPED!

Which HIP-HOP BOOMBOX was busted making out with HIS ENEMY COUNTERPART???

Which GOLD BUG was seen BUZZING AROUND Dandy Dan's Cabaret with a bouquet for MISS EMMA ROBOHUMPER???

Who is the VISION caught while INVISIBLE under ARCEE's bed???

What ROBOSAURUS was overheard properly speaking in the FIRST PERSON???

Who is the FIRED-UP JET got so upset at his GASSY BIG-SCREEN PORTRAYAL that he went to MICHAEL BAY'S HOUSE and stepped on his children's dog??? In front of them!

Superhero Confidential — Substitute Edition


Why did this CHILLY LAD get into a sauna with THE FROZEN X-MAN???

Which GRANITE LAD turned into a fountain in a ROME PIAZZA???

What NOCTURNAL LASS spends the SUMMER MONTHS in Alaska so she can get her BEAUTY REST???

Who is the FLAMING LAD who had it coming out BOTH ENDS on chili night???

Superhero Confidential

Caped crusader called to replace Conan? Says late nights are his specialty.

Superhero chique storms Fashion Week. Masks, capes, and purses are all the rage in Paris, Milan.

Housebroken homewrecker seen snuggling with Lassie. Timmy and Rintintin don't cotton.

EPA inspector goes missing at card factory. Family worried: "He was always so happy. Joking all the time."

Pocket-sized crime fighters part of Gotham's budget cuts.