DAMN, Emma Frost!

I’m glad the days of Fredrick Wertham are behind us, where paranoids found dirty drawings in every nook and cranny.  And I really have no problem with the realism in comic art today, where artists take it to draw every zipper and seam in a costume (or uniform, if you’d prefer).

But I was reading Uncanny X-Men #534.1 and came across this panel…

…and I can’t help but think that’s no seam.  I have no idea how this made it into a Marvel comic.

This Week’s Comics

It’s another light week, but at least there’s a couple solid books out.  I’ve been getting caught up on back issues, though, so expect looks at Avengers/Atlas, Thunderbolts, and The Muppet Show tomorrow.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 – I’m glad this book is making its return…Between Batman being dreadfully dull and Detective pricing itself out of acceptability, I’ve really missed good Batman stories.
  • GREEN LANTERN #50 – I don’t know what to expect from this, especially since Matt recommended I pass on #49, but between Blackest Night going on and the tragic events of the LAST GL #50, I’m sure it’ll be something big.
  • X-BABIES #4 (OF 4) – While I was in my LCS the other day a woman came in asking if X-Babies #4 was out yet.  So apparently there are some people who really dig Royal Roy and Top Dog meeting up with infant clones of the X-Men. BUT YOU SHOULDN’T BE ONE OF THEM!

That’s it for me.  What are YOU getting?

Holy DIY, Batman! and That just happened: a 2 for 1 deal!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Jess has long wanted a Batphone à la the Adam West series. The trouble is he didn’t know what model to get.

Wonder no more! Millionaire Playboy walks you through the lighting, sound, and model required. He also explains how and where to get the glass topper.

Happy do-it-yourselfing!

In other news, I’ve go a gem to share from class the other day. This is mostly for Jesse, but feel free to read.

The first ten or 12 minutes of class is always spent reading silently. The kids read whatever they want and we share at the end. Near the end of the time on Thursday, one of my students announced, “Man, I wish I was a communist pig.” Turns out he’s reading Animal Farm. I got a good chuckle out of it.

That just happened.

One thing I like about actually going to the comic book is the freedom of talking about comic things in public. On the other hand, I’ve heard some strange things within those hallowed walls. Today for example:

“So he started the Sinestro Corps. Being egotesticle, he named it for himself.”

I hear this sort of thing often. Just thougt I’d share…