This Week’s Comics

Even by my looser standards of what I’m adding to my pull list, there’s not a lot to pick up this time.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • BATMAN BEYOND #2 – Dig some Beyond, yo.
  • BATMAN ODYSSEY #6 – It’s truly been killing me that I haven’t been able to pick up Neal Adams’ new Batman work.  I’ve been discovering that I haven’t really been interested in jumping into series that have been running for a while (that’s why Secret Six hasn’t made this week’s list, but maybe it should), but I’ll be on the lookout for every issue of this one.
  • INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500.1 – As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a sucked for anniversary issues, and this one is both priced at $3 and written by Matt Fraction.  I’m curious to see how the .1 initiative plays out.  In theory, if its just a signifier that the issue in question is the jump-on point for a new arc, I’m all for it.  I’m hearing some rumblings that they’re just recap issues, though, which I’m not down with.
  • JESUS HATES ZOMBIES LINCOLN HATES WEREWOLVES TP COLL – I just mention this because I feel the anachronistic team-ups/battles are feeling played out.

These books get added to my running pull list, which now has a few books I’ve been able to cross off thanks to a friendly hookup.  All I’ll say is that Rick Remender is writing the hell out of Uncanny X-Force.  I would NOT want to be Warren Worthington III last week. Also, stay tuned tomorrow, as I review the worst comic since Arsenal messed with a dead cat.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?