This Week’s Comics

Yet another light week for me.  Here are this week’s noteworthy books.

  • AXE COP TP VOL 01 – I’ve been really looking forward to Dark Horse’s print collection of the webcomic.  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of the strip online, but I have problems keeping up with comics on the web, so this will be perfect for us geezers whose attention spans are too long and too short all at the same time.
  • GREEN LANTERN LARFLEEZE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL #1 – Geoff Johns has had the idea for this book for a while (I remember him mentioning it at 2009’s SDCC) and I’m glad it’s finally coming out.  I know Matt doesn’t find Larfleeze especially amusing, but I think there’s potential here.

I missed Atomic Robo last week (I really should just add that to my pull list) but picked up Green Lantern, conned in by a Parallax-infested Flash on the cover.  It was pretty good, though I didn’t find the big reveal that meaningful.

So, since there’s not much from last week to discuss I’ll take a little quality time to talk Tron: Legacy.  A direct sequel, but following the exact same plot, we catch up with the Users and what’s happened on The Grid over the past 28 years.  I went in with extremely low expectations but found myself happily surprised by how watchable it was.  Keeping in mind that this is a PG movie (in theory) aimed at kids, they skip over plot details and points that the Matrix couldn’t get away with, but that’s okay.  The special effects (creepy young Jeff Brdiges asides) are incredible, and assuming you can buy into the premise (otherwise why would you even be in the theater?) there’s nothing keeping it from being an enjoyable afternoon spent in the theater.

Well, that’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?