Bubbles, inflated prices, and $.50 bins

These two links fall under the general heading of the business of collecting.

The first is about baseball cards and how the market has changed and the bottom has fallen out in recent years. Comments about being priced out of the hobby echo the concerns and trends in the comic industry.

It also made me think about the general shift in attitudes. The big thing, with Jesse and I both, used to be not collecting individual issues on some stories for a variety of reasons and waiting for the trade. Increasingly, I see Jesse saying that he’ll wait until it hits the discount bins. How much longer does the direct market have with attitudes of this nature?

The second is one most have probably already seen. Robot, citing the Associate Press, wrote that at a recent comics auction, Action Comics #1 sold for $1.5 Million. A couple of startling facts cropped up. 1. The last copy to sell was around $300,000. 2. There are assumed to be only 100 copies extant.