This Week’s Comics — And a Cry for Pity — And a Correction

  • BATMAN THE UNSEEN #3 (OF 5) – Good news, Larry Hama!  Kelley Jones and Doug Moench are still out there proving that no matter how awful a team’s Batman run was, someone out there still thinks it was great and is willing to pay for more.  You should have your mini by 2013.
  • BATMAN WIDENING GYRE #3 (OF 6) – Does anyone out there know if this is any good?  I do like Smith’s writing and the scripts are all in so it should come out on time, but his last mini (Cacophony?) was pretty much universally panned so I passed it up.
  • HAUNT #2 – I actually dug the first issue and am interested in seeing where this goes, at least for the first story arc.  A note, though, Todd: you only get to redraw Spider-Man so many times.
  • GHOST RIDERS HEAVENS ON FIRE #4 (OF 6) – I can’t wait for this to wrap up so I can sit down and read the ending of the most Awesome Ghost Rider run ever (okay, that may be setting the bar a little low).  But Marvel?  $30 for the Danny Ketch TPB?  WTF???
  • X-MEN VS AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (OF 2) – I did wind up getting issue #1, and it was EXCELLENT (not that I’ve read any bad issue of AoA yet). And Carlo Pagulayan’s art is extraordinary.  I hope this drums up more interest in the Agents’ regular series.

I owe DC an apology for my comments on last week’s issue of Batman. Judd Winick’s run on Batman is apparently over and he’s been replaced by Tony Daniel.  I really enjoyed his art with Grant Morrison, but I
wonder if part of the reason I found Batman RIP so hard to read was because the art wasn’t telling the story correctly.  I guess we’ll find out!

I had hoped to put up resplendent pictures of me in my M.O.D.O.K. costume from Halloween, but the geniuses at A.I.M. weren’t working with me and the costume never finished coming together.  Maybe next
year.  All I know is that it would have probably just been easier to grow my head until my body could no longer support it, then invent a hoverchair.

So, that’s it for me.  What are YOU getting this week?