Ant Man Season One

Friend of the Blog Andrew is many things: Lover.  Raconteur.  Maker of fine custom wallets*.  Now we’re pleased that he can add one more thing to the list: Contributor.  With Matt making the move to Saturday mornings, we’re both very happy that Andrew will be helping us out on Thursdays.

*This is not a joke.

After months of begging and bribing, the guys are actually letting me write something!

One thing before we start. If you are at your local comic shop asking for the new Ant Man collection and they get all uppity and tell you that its not a collection but an original graphic novel, just leave. They will most likely be out of business in six months anyway…jerks.

Ant Man Season One

Writer: Tom Defalco

Artist: Horacio Domingues


Pre-Conceived Notions: Ant Man is awesome. I have no idea why I think that or even if I have read any Ant Man-centric books before. Also, the cover is amazing.


The first page is HANK PYM’S FIRST WIFE GETTING KILLED IN AN EXPLOSION! I DIDN”T EVEN KNOW HE HAD A FIRST WIFE! This tragedy causes my first problem with the book. Every three pages or so, Hank is questioning his sanity. Look, he’s unstable. We get it. But cramming it down our throats by mentioning how crazy or paranoid he is, is a little overkill. Show me why he’s a hero, not why he shouldn’t be one.

The villain is Elias Starr, or Egghead, who basically becomes an evil Ant Man, only with wasps. So…yeah. It would be like if Spider-Man had to fight a different kind of evil spider man, but one with tarantulas. And it’s about that interesting. It hits all the points you would expect (guy shrinks down, gets caught in spider web, fights spider, controls some bugs) but misses all the points that you would want, like heart or emotion.  Another problem with this is that Ant Man becomes Giant Man to fight giant bugs.  The book is called Ant Man, SO USE ANT MAN! To be fair, I have never read the early issues of Ant Man so he very well may have become Giant Man early on, but still…if you can’t tell an interesting story about a dude that turns himself small, then maybe you shouldn’t be writing a book about Ant Man.

The Good

  • This book does give a fair background story to the character.
  • I am a sucker for dudes fighting bugs.
  • I love when a collective of bugs form to spell out things (I get that from Looney Tunes)
  • Digital copy included!

The Bad

  • The art is too cartoony and seems unfinished.
  • There are a lot of modern day and meta references that took me out of the story (Facebook, Bernie Madoff, referring to Ant Man’s costume as “a reject from some cheesy summer blockbuster”, and the line “you may look like a comic book character…” in which they left out the ‘a’. I only mention that because if I’m paying $25.00 for something, I expect it to be edited properly.
  • The climax is confusing. I couldn’t tell who’s growing big and who’s shrinking down or even when they change size.

The Conclusion

I was really looking forward to this and it left me feeling…meh. It’s not a bad book, but it’s also not that good. The best you could hope for is paying someone who’s buying a hard copy of the book $5.00 for their digital download and reading it that way, then you might not feel so cheated.

Every Marvel Season One GN has been just a little worse than the one before it.  I hope that changes when Greg Pak and Emma Rios hit Doctor Strange and Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler do Hulk, but we will have to wait to see.