This Week’s Comics

A pretty light week for me this time around, and to be honest, not one I’m exceptionally fired up for.  This week sees a huge batch of DC #2 issues, and in a rare display of good planning, the release of all the first issue reprints for this week’s titles.

  • AXE COP BAD GUY EARTH TP – If you missed out on the Dark Horse mini series (all original material, not reprints from the webcomic) do yourself a favor and pick up this little burst of insanity.  I snagged the mini when it came out and may still pick this up for the extra material.
  • HULK #42 – Jeff Parker’s Hulk has been a revelation.  You should be reading this, especially if you like giant monsters hitting each other (which I do).
  • ROGER LANGRIDGES SNARKED #1 – I was very surprised that I didn’t love the Snarked zero issue, but I’ve been pleased with Langridge’s work so far to give a full issue a shot.
  • SUPERIOR #5 (OF 6) – Mark Millar Presents Mark Millar’s Captain Marvel returns after a long absence…So long that I forgot it hadn’t been finished yet.  Still, it’s a decent enough title to keep picking up, even if it sounds like I’m damning it with faint praise.
  • X-MEN SCHISM #5 (OF 5) – I was up in the air about this one until I read Chris Sims’ review, which reaffirmed my Jason Aaron love.

That’s it for this week.  My pull list has been updated and the back issue search continues.  What are YOU looking at?

This Week’s Comics

After a relatively surprising burst of posting, I’m excited to keep the momentum going.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • AXE COP BAD GUY EARTH #1 (OF 3) – I’ve expressed my love of Axe Cop in the past.  The trade was incredible and well worth picking up, but I have trouble keeping up with webcomics.  Apparently the Nicolle brothers are catering to my demographic now with an Axe Cop miniseries of new material, not reprinted from the webcomic.
  • FIRST WAVE #6 (OF 6) – I thought this wrapped up months ago!  I’d been wanting to read this for a while, but the $4 Rule prevented me.  I’m doing pretty well digging up cheap back issues, though, so this gets added to the pull list.
  • JOE THE BARBARIAN #8 ( OF 8 ) – As opposed to First Wave, I have noticed the absence of Joe’s concluding issue.  Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s modern-age Narnia adventure has been a lot of fun, and I’m quite anxious to see how it wraps up.
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME #1 (OF 5) – Can we just agree that the Marvel Zombies thing was awesome, but best left concluded?  Mashing MZ up with Squadron Supreme seems to be the crossover nobody demanded.

One book I forgot to mention was Skull Kickers #6, notable because one of the four short stories is written by Chris Sims of L.E.M.U.R. favorite blog The ISB. You may recall I gave the first issue a try and was fairly nonplussed.  In the months since then it feels like the entire Intarwebz has rallied around it, so I was eager to give it another try and support Sims’ burgeoning print-comic writing career. The result was a decent comic that gave me some good chuckles, but not really enough to get me to continue with the book.  There are good laughs in Skull Kickers, but I think my problem is that the two nameless main characters are blanks slates and seem to exist not as characters in and of themselves, but as excuses to link jokes together.

Sims’ story — “The Blood Curse of the Amazombies” — kicks off the book, and is a fun little story that starts off with a nice premise and ends with a fun twist, but never really sucks me in.  I suspect that is mostly due to issues printing or inking, because I had some issue making out some details of Joe Vriens’  artwork.  Adam Warren’s story, a long digression on the pros and cons of axes vs swords, was quite funny, but the real highlight of the book was the short tale by Brian (Atomic Robo) Clevenger and Jim Zub.  Brief yet hilarious , Clevenger jumps right in, tells his joke, and gets out without too much padding that would have killed it, and seeing Zub’s Chimerihydraskluuaag gave me the biggest laugh in the book.

That’s it for this week.  My monthly pull list has been updated, and now that March is right here I’m hoping books from this year start showing up in discount bins soon.  What are YOU looking at?