Worst. Super-Vehicle. Ever.

How a man rolls is how a man lives!  Batman in his Batmobile.  The X-Men in their SR-71 Blackbird.  And Green Arrow’s…Arrowplane? Obviously some rides are better than others.  This week’s LIST: The
Worst Vehicles Ever.

  • Batman’s rickshaw

  • Superman’s 1994 Geo Metro

  • The Ice cream truck of Doom. Screams, “RICHARDS!!!” to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw.”

  • Wonder Woman’s Invisible Unicycle

  • Barry Allen’s Segway

  • Batman’s solar powered batmobile

  • The Punisher’s wicked mini-bike

  • Catwoman’s catsled

  • Wolverine’s Sniktmobile

  • Captain Marvel’s electric car, SHAZAM!

  • Stilt Man’s AT-AT

  • The Shade’s hot air balloon (previously owned by Phileas Fogg)

  • Aquaman’s diving bell, “The Mera-Maid”

  • Wonder Woman’s visible jet

Have a happy Memorial Day, everyone.  I’m going to be taking a long weekend off to help with the cleanup efforts in Oklahoma, what with Asgard and all.  Now that he has the power of summer vacation, I leave you in Matt’s capable hands.