Game Tape

The euphoria of Wednesday books has worn off; now it’s time to review the game tape and see what worked and what didn’t.

Because I love time travel stories and Grant Morrison writing Batman, I picked up Return of Bruce Wayne #1. It’s Caveman Batman. If you’re expecting more than that, if you’re wanting a deep paradigm changing story, let me remind you that it’s CAVEMAN BATMAN. There are cavemen. There’s fighting. There’s Bruce Wayne putting on the hide of a giant bat. If none of these ideas appeal to you, don’t bother picking up the book. You’re going to be sorely disappointed because you’re expecting too much.

I also picked up Transformers: Ironhide #1. I’m biased on this one. Ironhide’s one of my top five favorite Autobots. Some get a little teary when Prime dies in the original Transformers: the Movie; I tear up when Megatron decapitates Ironhide on the Autobot shuttle. So any chance to see the coolest mini-van ever in action is a chance I’m going to take. The book is the start of a mini that focuses on the war on Cybertron. Optimus is new to the game, and Ironhide’s his body guard. In addition, this looks to be a sort of resurrection story in the present. We’re left hanging until next issue for more clues. The art here is also more friendly to those who don’t care for the new style in the on-going. No weird skeleton faces and exposed wiring here. If you like stories about the old Cybertronian days, this is shaping up to be something for you.

Volume 1 of X-Men Forever comes to an end this week with issue #23. The Consortium is finally dealt with, but there are still loose ends. ‘Ro for one. Wolverine is still dead too. There’s a battle in space with sentinels that has parallels to issues 99 – 103 of the original X-Men series from 1976. There are a couple of sacrifices too. We also get a preview of volume 2. I think I’m going to take a pass on this. Looks like it’s going to be Shi’ar heavy. Nothing in the X-Universe is more boring to me than the Shi’ar. It’ll have to pass the flip test for me to pick it up.

If you’re a fan of Bwa-ha-ha, I highly recommend Booster Gold #32 this week. Giffen and DeMatteis take over the book from Jurgens. It’s got that manic feel that they’ve cornered the market on. Fast action mingled with poignant moments and silly potty humor. The arts good too without being Kevin Maguire.

On this happy note, I leave you for another week.

Random Links For Your Weekend

Sorry this week’s batch is such a Sims-fest, but he’s put out a lot of great stuff this week (on the other hand, I appear to be having a slow month).

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