Cheese Puffs. That's what I miss most about not having blue fur. It's just so hard to wash that orange dust out.


My pal, Tony Stark, owns Just For Men. He gave me the hook-up with a blue dye for those pesky gray hairs.


You can divide people into two camps: Dick Yorks and Dick Sargents. I'm a Dick York guy.


I'll never look a Vienna Sausages and kitty litter the same way again. Thank you, Wonder Man


To get myself pumped for a big lecture on the mutant genome, or sometimes just before going to the grocery store, I stare in the mirror and chant, "Who's a pretty kitty? Who's a pretty kitty? That's right, you're a pretty kitty!"


Spandexploitation IV: The Voyage Home

Does this modest manse in upstate New York belong to a coven of Satan's concubines? Neighbors report strange noises, "animal smells and flying women."


Are your sheep safe? Maybe not if this bouncing Beau Brummel lives near you.


Have you seen this man? Casinos cross country complain: cajun card-sharp cheats!

Artie and Leech with Attorney at law: Caliban.

Which power couple was refused marriage by mutant hate-mongering justice of the peace?

Professor X, walking tall.

Was this wheelchair bound "Professor" really caught doing the Stanky Leg at a local night club?