Game tape EXTRA!

For some reason, I missed JLoA #38 on Wednesday. I fixed that yesterday afternoon.

When your book is a team book, and your team’s leader is asking the questions, “Why are we here? why are we doing this?” and those questions are echoed by the readers, you have a serious problem. This is the first of Robinson’s run on the much maligned title. I beginning to think DC just needs to scrap this book and start fresh in a few months. Let the “Events” end; bring back the big seven, and take a page from Marvel: go back to the original volume’s numbering.

As much as I’d like to believe this volume is cursed by a stench left by Meltzer, it boils down to bad editorial. James Robinson has a long row to hoe if he’s going to make this title work again. I could go on, but Brian Cronin over at CBR states it all more concisely.

The real joy of this week’s extra visit to the comic shop was finding a new line of tables containing 2 for a dollar books. I’d be willing to bet that Jesse has at least 500 words on the joys of such bargain boxes, so I’ll just tell you about some of the gems I found.

Captain America: Truth 1-4 was a pleasant surprise. I’m missing the last two issues, but these first four issues were smart and nicely respectful to both American history (even the ugly bits) and Marvel 616 history. Plus, it never hurts to have some Kyle Baker art.

Dazzler #10 has given me a goal in my collecting. I want to pick up the issues of any title where a character becomes a herald of Galactus. Between this issue and the Marvel Comics Presents issue where Aunt May becomes Golden Oldie, I’m well on my way.

I also picked up a couple of unconnected issues of Atomic Robo. I want to like this book. It’s got a robot; it’s got Tesla; I just can’t commit to picking it up regularly. Hellboy does this schtick so much better.

I guess that’s it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.