Matches Malone

The cold hard fact of being the “world’s greatest detective” is that sometimes it’s impractical to do your investigating dressed as a 7ft bat. For those inconvenient times, Batman has developed disguises and personas that he assumes to navigate certain parts of Gotham City. Matches Malone is probably his best known persona, but here is a list of others that the Bat has been known to employ.

Unfamiliar & – a slam poet that Batman uses to keep tabs on the happenings in Gotham City’s thriving post-modernist community.

Wayne Brucinard – Batman’s disguise for infiltrating the notorious junior high prep school book clubs and human-hunting gangs

Ira Glass – used by Batman to navigate the seedy underbelly of public radio.

Star City Slim – a terrible poker player always welcome at low-end games in dives across Gotham.

Rufus Q. Hornswoggler – Old West preacher who teamed up with Jonah Hex and Bat Lash to take down cattle rustlers.

Bat-tastic – Bruce Wayne’s plush bat costume used for attending furry conventions.

Oven Mits Laçan – seedy pastry chef known for his cannoli, eclair, as well as his crème fraiche.

Ian Mulrooney – allows Batman to freely navigate the hipster community as a purveyor of vintage breakfast cereals.

Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable - an identity developed to allow Bruce access to the disreputable world of gynecology/ obstetrics and colorful sweaters.